Artist Statement
This portfolio is a survey of my black-and-white infrared photography and represents a major departure from my previous color work. I use a specially modified camera (Sony a6500) whose sensor has been altered to record these infrared wavelengths of light. Although using an infrared camera hasn’t changed the types of images I create of parks, architecture, and landscape, it does give a different perspective from my color work. Like black-and-white images, there is great contrast, but infrared magnifies that intensity many times over because it captures light outside the visible spectrum that our eyes cannot see. By making the invisible visible, infrared creates rather surreal and unique textures in the images: blue sky becomes a deep black; foliage and grass turn varying shades of white; and the details of buildings become very crisp, almost stark in appearance.

The series came about due to my long-term, growing interest in infrared photography and the need to escape from my own reality of multiple physical and mental health challenges which began in January 2020 and haven’t really abated. In April 2020, I decided to take the leap and convert my backup camera for infrared use. As I rely on public transportation, this new form of photography allowed me to re-explore the same local areas I often create images – San Francisco, Berkeley, and Emeryville (my hometown) – from a different perspective.
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